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Adult Bikepacking and Alaskan Wilderness Adventures
Girl's MTB Summer Camps 2023
Youth MTB Summer Camps 2023
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Youth Bikepacking and Alaskan Wilderness Adventures
What We Do

An Alaskan Mountain Bike Training Program for all ages and abilities

Our Mountain Bike Program is now officially offering training and skills progressions from certified MTB Coaches year-round and for all ages and starting skill levels.

Both summer and winter riding offer the opportunity to develop your knowledge, fitness, and skill level on a bike. Join us for an engaging, fun, and welcoming group that is focused on meeting each participant at their current skill-set and helping them level up to meet higher individual riding goals. We focus on everything from the fundamentals to more advanced riding skills. 

Mountain biking is an engaging, challenging, and exciting sport. Our MTB training program is for beginning to intermediate & advanced riders who want to gain fitness, endurance, and confidence, and develop a strong foundation riding mountain bikes and single track trails.

MTB Club has four sessions over the course of the year: fall, winter, spring, and summer. In Spring, we will partake in cross-training activities in the time period when fat-biking is over and the single track trails are not yet open.

Join us for the best sport on two wheels!

Youth Mountain Bike Club

This is a year-round MTB Club offering afternoon and Saturday training sessions during the school year, weekly, day-long summer camps, and a youth rec team option.

Mountain Bike Club - Adult Training & Skills Progressions

Level-up your MTB skill set from solid foundational through advanced skills. Offering four seasonal, year-round weekly daytime, evening, and saturday sessions.

Women's Mountain Bike Club

Specifically for women to level-up their skill sets from solid foundational through advanced skills. Offering four seasonal, year-round weekly daytime, evening, and saturday sessions.

From the building blocks of fundamental mountain bike riding skills, to more advanced skills progressions, trail riding tours and bike-packing expeditions, we are a dedicated mountain bike training program welcoming all ages and abilities.

What we do

Into the Woods AK Mountain Bike Club

Foundational Skills

Advanced riding is informed by a solid foundation of fundamental riding techniques. All ages and programs use fundamental skills training to help riders improve, ride more safely, and learn advanced skills.

Certified Bike Coaching

Our Programs are designed and led by certified Bike Coaches. We have prepared a systematic set of teaching strategies, assessments, and objectives for all ages and ability levels. Our coaches track rider progress and create plans to help riders meet their goals and advance their personal skill set.

Bike-packing and Wilderness Bike Adventures

It is not as daunting as it may seem! (...and so much more fun than you can imagine!) Members of Bike Club have the opportunity to join us for wilderness adventures on trails in Alaska. In Bike Club, we teach how to plan trips for single-day and multi-day adventures for adults and families.

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